Where The Wild Beers Are 2016 MSP Sat Nov 5th @AmsterdamBar651 St. Paul 12-4pm. Registration opens Mon Sept 26th @

The Annual Collaborative Festival for Lovers of Wild, Sour and Farmhouse Beers

9th annual MSP November 5th, 2016 - Amsterdam Bar & Hall, St. Paul MN

8th annual NYC spring 2017

4th annual FUNK'd: DSM August 5, 2017. - #WTWBA / el Bait Shop / Abu Nawas special event


Festival Details

This isn't your typical beer festival, it's a collaborative effort where fans of the funk come together to share and celebrate the often rare and certainly unconventional wild and sour ales. These beers have been produced for hundreds of years; but after shriveling to near extinction in the age of pure yeast cultures, they are on the rebound due to artisan brewers and enthusiast imbibers like you.

Cantillon Cork

REGISTER to attend.

Space is limited and online registration is required. Registration for MSP opens Sept 26th 2016.

BRING commercially made WILD, SOUR or FARMHOUSE ale to share

(or bring a few). Most commercially produced wild and sour ales are welcomed, whether they are an easily available import or rare domestic one-off.

RECEIVE for every 750ml of beer contributed, 10 drink tickets

Amsterdam Bar and Hall Indeed Brewing Fair State Brewing Co-op August Schell Brewery el Bait Shop The Well - Brooklyn Jester King Brewery



Cantillon Cork


Date: Saturday November 5th, 2016 12-4pm
Location: Amsterdam Bar & Hall, St. Paul MN

Registration and bottle entry is required to attend. Space is limited.
Registration opens September 26th, 2016 HERE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wild/sour beer?

Sour or wild beer is beer that has been exposed to "wild" yeast or bacteria rather than exclusively fermented with "pure" yeast. The resulting beer is generally sour or tart in nature, though the intensity varies greatly by style, extent of exposure, producer and intent. The wild yeast/bacteria could be the dominant part of the fermentation or merely ancillary. The flavors and aromas produced are very complex; from intensely acidic, to rich fruity "cherry pie", pineapple, "barnyard", or lactic.

Traditional examples are quite dry, as nearly all residual sugar in the beer is consumed by the yeast and bacteria. Occasionally sour beers are blended with older vintages of the same beer or with fruit, such as tart cherries or raspberries, to add complexity. To make the beer more widely marketable, some producers stunt fermentation by pasteurizing and sweetening to mask the natural sourness, though this practice is shunned by most purists and labeled "nontraditional".

Do I have to register online?

YES and space is limited, we may limit participation based on the best bottles submitted.

I can't tell if my online registration worked, can I still come?

You should see a paid message and the ability to add/remove bottles to your list once you are registered. If you ran into problems please email (preferred) or text us before the day of the event to verify!

What if I don't bring any sour/wild beer to share, can I still participate?

IMPORTANT: No, if you don't bring anything to share, you won't receive any drink tickets and thus cannot participate. This event will sell out and you cannot buy your way in without beer to contribute.

What do I bring? Can I bring something that someone else is already bringing? Can i bring _______ beer?

Bring a bottle (or three) of commerically produced sour/wild ale or saison (preferrably cold). Don't know what that is? Read on and ask your favorite quality beer store for help & recommendations! A list of many (but certainly not all) acceptable beers is available here.

We limit duplicate beers to ensure a high quality event. We encourage you to spend time looking for unique examples. Duplicates are sometimes accepted for rare beers or additional vintages. The organizers will ensure the right balance and may reject duplicates for any reason.

A list of what other people are planning on bringing will be updated online daily for registered participants.

Are sweetened examples from breweries such as Lindemans or De Troch allowed?

The focus of this tasting event is to promote traditional sour ales. However, we will allow a limited amount of sweetened examples to be shared in an effort to educate participants on the differences between traditional and nontraditional products. Please be aware that most breweries that produce sweetened examples also have some traditional ones available, search those out. E.G. Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René or De Troch Chapeau Oude Kriek. HINT: For lambics, the designation of "Oude" in the name implies that the product is traditionally produced (at least most of the time).

Can I bring my homebrewed sour/wild/farmhouse beer?

Sorry no, we are homebrewers ourselves, but this event is for commercially produced beer.

Where can I purchase wild/sour or farmhouse beer?

Most specialty liquor stores should have at least a couple, though some stores carry way more than others.
Suggested Twin Cities Beer Sellers
Suggested NYC Beer Sellers

How else can I support WTWBA? I love the 2009 event poster, how can I get one?

We are selling copies of Tim Webb's book LambicLand (2nd ed), which is a wonderful complete look at the producers of lambic beer in Belgium and the places that serve it. You can support us best by buying directly online by contacting us.

The 2009 WHERE THE WILD BEERS ARE ® poster was created by Minneapolis artist Vincent Stall and will be available for purchase at the event or by contacting us online. It was produced in a limited edition run of 50 and are signed/numbered by Vincent, aka King Mini.

Can I/we be a sponsor or help in any other way? I work for ______ brewery, can I sponsor you?

If you are a production brewery that produces wild/sour/saison beer and would like to donate beer or swag, we'd certainly welcome your contributions and add you as a sponsor!

If you are interested in being a pourer or volunteer for the event, please contact us.


Get in touch.

If you have any questions for the WTWBA organizers, send a note using the form below.

If you want to participate, register here!

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